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1. Your Cheeeese electric toothbrush has been 3 years from the date of your purchase

2. Your Cheeeese electric toothbrush is still working normally (if your electric toothbrush has any non-artificial quality problems during the 3-year warranty period, within 2 years after your purchase, Cheeeese will make a free replacement for you, the buyer needs to bear the shipping cost of returning the old product; if your electric toothbrush is within 2~3 years after your purchase, we will provide you with free maintenance service, and the buyer needs to bear the shipping cost of returning the old product)




1. After 3 years of your purchase of the Cheeeese electric toothbrush

2. Email us at to get the delivery address

3. Send the old electric toothbrush

4. Our staff will give you a $20 discount after confirming that the product can work normally so you can buy our new generation electric toothbrush products

5. As for internal parts such as batteries for old electric toothbrushes, we will dispose of and re-use them, reducing battery consumption and pollution of the environment


How Do Cheeeese Dispose And Recycle


1. Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries contain valuable substances such as cobalt, nickel, copper, aluminum, and iron, as well as important toxic substances such as lithium, metaphosphate, and polydifluoroethylene. It can solve a wide range of problems and also can reduce environmental pollution.


The recycled materials of lithium-ion batteries tend to become purer with each additional cycle of manufacturing and refining. The recycling process will not affect the performance of the battery, but also improve the quality, so as to produce better batteries. This is a surprising result, but recent scientific research has confirmed that the recycled battery not only has the same performance as the new battery but also has a longer service life and faster-charging speed.


2. Plastic

The plastic is chopped or ground and then heated. This converts them to a liquid state, where they can be poured or injected into the mold.


For the recycled material to be used for most purposes, it must have a consistent profile, which is why any contaminants are removed and the plastic is the same type.


Although the plastic finally recycled is only a small part of the total production, each piece of plastic that finds new life means less waste, less fossil fuel consumption, and less environmental pollution.


3. Waste motor

The steps of waste motor recovery include feeding, feeding conveying, crushing, primary vibration, primary magnetic separation, secondary magnetic separation, secondary vibration, eddy current separation, water washing separation, granulation, specific gravity separation, etc. Then, the pure substances, such as copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, plastic, etc., are obtained respectively, so that these substances can be recycled.


At the same time, the recycling of waste motors is convenient for dust treatment, reducing environmental pollution, separating various substances more effectively, improving product quality, reducing losses, and achieving greater benefits.

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