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The vibration of the toothbrush seems to be getting weaker and weaker?
Please consider whether it needs to be charged in time due to insufficient power.
I have charged it, but the battery life is still very short?
Please make sure whether the toothbrush is placed vertically during charging, resulting in poor charging effect; if the problem is still unsolved, it may be that the battery has reached the end of its service life, please contact our after-sales department for replacement.


If the idle electric toothbrush is not used for a period of time, and the charging indicator does not light up?
If you don't use it for more than six months, the battery will enter the dormant state. It takes 6-20 minutes to wake up after recharging, which is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured to use it.
What should I do if the electric toothbrush cannot be started?
Please consider whether it can continue to be used normally after charging due to insufficient power; if it still fails to start after charging, please contact our after-sales department for repair or replacement.
How long does charge of battery last?
A full charge lasts up to 300 days if you use it twice per day 2 minutes per use.


How do I get the brush out so I can replace it with a new one?
We recommend pulling straight up on the brush head so that it comes off.
How strong is the vibrations on this?
On sensitive mode it vibrates 31000 times per minute. On clean mode, it vibrates 36000 times per minute. On white mode, it vibrates 37000 times per minute.

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